About me

There are more people called “Charl Botha” on the web.

To help you identify the one true Charl Botha (me), use this alphabetical list of keywords: cpbotha.net (my personal blog), Crusader Systems, Data Visualization, DeVIDE, Emacs, Eurographics VCBM, Image Processing, ITK, Linux, Medical Visualization, nvPY, Stone Three, Stone Three Healthcare, TimeScapers, Treparel, TU Delft aka Delft University of Technology, Ubuntu, University of Stellenbosch, Visual Computing for Medicine, VTK, vxlabs.

You can get my PGP key by clicking here. My fingerprint is 54E7 25AF 4E0D 36B8 6E66 359E 3844 35C7 E77A 4564. My keys are also on keybase.io/cpbotha. I love verifying and signing PGP keys, so let me know if you’re up for it.